Sunday, March 7, 2010

My week in photos

So this last week our assignment for photojourn was an optical obstacle course. We were given a list of about 20 things and we had to take photos of at least 15 of them.
The above shot is of the stained glass in the Methodist Church in of the many churches! Grahamstown has like over 100 of them! WOW I know!

The below photo is a creative shot of the Rhodes University clock tower through the bicycle frame (which is a artwork we have on campus). I tried to get the clock tower and frame reflected in a friend's glasses as I thought it would look awesome. It came out ok, although the actual frame in the top right hand corner is very distracting.

The next photo I tried was to show 3 sides of a cardboard box. What do you guys think? I like the shadows that the tree puts on the box and the red fruit adds colour

This one is my interpretation of the soles of my feet.

The camera obscura in Grahamstown is one of the only ones in South Africa.

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