Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Elections 2009

Rhodes students up before 7am on a public holiday now that is not something that you see everyday! But as most of you well know today is no ordinary day.... it is ELECTION DAY 2009.
Voters all around South Africa will today exercise their democratic right to place an X next to the party of their choice.
So at 6:30 this morning I dragged my lazy bum out from under the warm covers and headed down to the Rhodes Drama Department to vote. As it turns out I was not the only student who had the same idea about voting early as there was already a sizable queue! The queue was buzzing with the chatter of friends and one keen student even brought along his guitar to keep boredom at bay. After waiting almost an hour and a half I finally put an X in the appropriate box and walked out feeling like one of the people that make our country democractic. It felt good!
And to put the cherry on the top I was informed by a police officer that Wimpy is giving all voters a free cup of coffee!!!! WOW now that is what I'm talking about!!! Students LOVE free stuff! So off my friends and I went to Wimpy to fulfill our daily caffine requirement free of charge.
Now this is what I call a good day!

Police keep a watchful eye over the queue of voters outside the Rhodes Drama Department voting station. Picture by: TARRYN LIDDELL

The atmosphere was festive as Rhodes students queued to place their votes in Grahamstown. Picture by: TARRYN LIDDELL

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