Monday, April 20, 2009

Work work work

Dr Dandala addresses the press at the COPE headquaters in downtown East London. Picture by: Tarryn Liddell 16.04.09
As with most students I do not particularly like to give up my holiday in order to work unless some payment is invloved, but being a Journ student at Rhodes you quickly learn that giving up holiday to work for free is unavoidable. They give it the codename 'vac work' but in fact it is free labour or so I thought....
You see while last year I did do 'vac work' it was not all that different from the stuff we had been writing for journ class. I was interning at a local community newsletter so most of its pages were advertisments and fluffy pieces with only the occasional hard news story.
This year on the other hand I was fortunate enough to get a spot at the Daily Dispatch in East London. I can now truthfully say that I can see the value in 'vac work' besides free labour and I would go back and intern for them anyday. It was a interesting experience that opened my eyes up to the real world of investigative journalism.
Not only that but also a look into the day to day work of a newspaper photographer. I spent my Wednesday, Thursday and Friday last week tagging along with the Dispatch photographers on a range of stories varying from gangsterism, elections and general interviews. I have to thank Alan, Theo, Mlondolosi and Nigel who answered my sometimes annoying questions and allowed me to tag along on their photo jobs. You guys were fabulous!
These are some on my photos from the COPE rally which I attended on Thursday 16 April and the ANC rally on Friday 17 April.

Ex Eastern Cape Premier Nosimo Balindlela and Dr Dandala

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