Monday, July 5, 2010

National Arts Festival in Grahamstown

Those of you that read my blog when I do publish will know that I live in Grahamstown and attend Rhodes University. But one of the best things about Grahamstown is that it is home to the National Arts Festival! which means that every June/July Grahamstown is over taken by the arts of SA and even some international shows. And wait it gets a journalism student at Rhodes University I get the chance to work for CUEPIX a photo agency that runs during the festival and takes photos of all the shows that are on the festival programme!! Which is AMAZING! I worked for a sum total of 10 days that felt like months as my days were jam packed heading from show to show! I photographed over 32 shows!!! And managed to catch a cold but I truly had a fantastic time and am so grateful to have been afforded the opportunity to work during festival.
Not only did I get a press pass that got me into shows for free but I got to meet so many cool people like musicians, actors, directors, artists!

So watch this space as I will soon be putting up some of my photos and writing a bit about the shows that I attended.

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