Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekend Closure

And so another weekend in Grahamstown comes to an end and yet again I did less work than I had planned too. It is amazing that no matter how good my intentions to get ahead of my work load are my rubber arm and fear of cabin fever always result in my coming short of par on Sunday evenings. Well no need to worry about that anymore as it is officially Monday morning - the start of the week and too late to cram anymore work in on the weekend . Which in student terms means that a whole week of lectures and tutorials lie ahead of me starting with my journalism tutorial in exactly 16 hours time.
The reason for my procrastination this weekend had to do with an awesome Friday night out, the ensuing hangover and my newly formed addiction to Photoshop. Friday night was a semi-planned girls night out that started with pre-drinks at res then out to Old Goal and Friars. It turned out to be a wicked night out especially since I was out with some new and old friends. I had such a good laugh. The drum practice that was going on in my head when I woke up on Saturday morning on the other hand was not as easy to laugh at…or at least not at first! The rest of the weekend was spent chilling with friends and playing around on my new toy Photoshop. And can I just take a moment to say that I am in LOVE!!!! It is so much fun to get creative with your photos and take them to another level! I have had it for a while but didn’t know too much about how to use it but with our latest journalism assignment I have been trying to manipulate my groups profile photos and so been learning a thing or two. I have put one of the group ones up for you all to see. Please feel free to visit the site the girls are the best! And I’m not just saying that because I’m biased :)
Will keep you all updated and share any golden tips that I discover for any other Photoshop lovers out there. That’s it from me for now as my bed is seriously calling my name.

Sweet dreams to all you people in cyberspace

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