Monday, September 29, 2008

The Ice-cream Run

If there is one thing that any ice-cream lover needs to know in order to survive at Rhodes it is the Steers Ice Cream Run! At almost anytime of day and sometimes well into the night no matter how cold the weather students can be seen taking a stroll to the local Steers for some of the best ice-creams in town. I have myself just tonight been on an ice-cream run with the girls. It resulted from a spontaneous decision after supper that ice-cream was to be devoured at the anointed hour of 20:30. So off we went in the cold to fill our bellies with the ice-creamy goodness for no particular reason but to get out with your friends for some fresh air and if a tasty frozen treat happens to be involved – bonus!
I suspect that as summer starts to kick off (today was a brilliant warm day) and the Grahamstown cold begins to release its icy grip that these ice-cream runs will become more frequent. Which is great for my stomach that loves ice-cream but not so good for my body which enjoys to store the said ice-cream in all my love handles. At this point I think it would be wise to…..increase the number of times I go to the gym. Bet you though I was going to give up the ice-cream didn’t you. No such luck I’m afraid the ice-cream is too good and the ice-cream runs just too much fun.

Happy Eating!

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