Friday, October 17, 2008

All work and no play

One more week of lectures…
Two weeks until exams start…
So far at Rhodes I have found that people deal with the looming exams in one of two ways. They either step up the partying a notch or two using the excuse that they need to get it out their systems before exams start or that they need to go out now because in swot week they are buckling down to work. Or they start slowly reducing their partying in order to get a head start on their learning as just learning in swot week will not be sufficient. Neither route is particularly bad as long as you prepare and do learn eventually. Leaving my friend’s birthday party at 00:30 (early by any standard I’m sure) last night and waking up at 7:00 this morning in order to get cracking would definitely push me way over into the ‘reducing my partying’ category. But as I got up this morning looked out my window and realised that hardly anyone else is even up at that hour on a Saturday I began to think about whether I even made a choice or did it just kind of happen. I would have loved to have stayed out at the party last night and let my hair down some more but I was practically falling asleep on the dance floor as a result of an all-nighter I had to pull to get my politics essay done which was due for Friday. My classics essay and journalism 2 application which are due Monday has forced me to be up at the ungodly hour of 7:00 this morning. So I guess you could say that the circumstance of having so many deadlines for the weekend and next week have meant that I made a decision without even realising it.

All I can do now is pray that the exams go well and look forward to a deadline free holiday!!

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