Thursday, October 23, 2008

JMS3 Critical Media Production

The JMS3 students have been slaving away recently in order to complete their critical media production assignments. To explain this involved all the JMS3 students being divided into groups of twelve to thirteen people making sure that each group contained at least one or two designers, radio, TV, new media and writing students. Each group was given a topical issue of our local area of Grahamstown. They then had to put together a campaign around their issue. These campaigns were showcased on Wednesday 22 October at Barratt Lecture Theatre. To say that I was impressed is the understatement of the year. Some of the presentations were amazing in their use of audio and visual to get their messages across to the audience. Unfortunately I could only stay until 21:00 and therefore only saw the first six presentations which were Whine into Water, Take a Leap, Prof Greenthumb, Ukulima G’town, Common Ground and Green Inc. The issues dealt with ranged from promoting awareness on water quality, developing food gardens to the cow dilemma. Each group decided to address their campaigns differently so for example Ukulima G’town used a developmental approach. Their target audience was students followed by the residents of Grahamstown. They highlighted the initiative of starting a food garden as a source of sustainable food. Their campaign sticks out in my mind as they showcased a 12-year-old boy named Ganief Gamat Borez who puts his heart and soul into looking after the food garden at his school. The audio visual slideshow that they produced really hit home as someone much younger than myself was taking a stand and trying to support his mother and sister as the ‘man of the house’.
It really was incredible to see the final products of the campaigns. I think for the first time I realised how even as student journalists we can really make an impact and deliver powerful messages to the public if we work together.

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