Sunday, October 26, 2008

Things that pass us by?

I was watching the first episode of the new season of Heroes (season 3) yesterday and it had gotten to the voiceover at the end of the episode when I had the strangest feeling of déjà vu. Where had I heard those exact words before? Then it dawned on me…in English class of all places. They were reciting William Butler Yeats’s poem The Second Coming, which is in the Modernism section of our poetry book for this year. This got me to thinking about the workings of the universe as that was not the first time that something like that has happened. Now I might be talking absolute nonsense but does anyone else out there find that when they learn something or discuss something it finds it way into your life? Things like this poem which I never would have recognised in the Heroes episode had it not already been mentioned and discussed. I constantly find myself saying in conversations “my friends and I were just saying” or “it’s funny you say that because just the other day”. Makes me wonder if these things always passed me by and I just didn’t notice or if they only pass me by after I have become aware of them. Now I know it is probably the first explanation of these things passing me by unnoticed but I must admit that the more I toyed with the idea of your path in the universe growing and changing with you the more I liked it. To believe that things happen for a reason is a belief that many people use to make it through the day so I thought that this post would be some food for thought.

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